Nicotine Smart Drug

Nicotine, in the form of cigarettes, has been vilified for good reasons. But what if you could get nicotine without smoking. Could it be a smart drug?

We know of the lift and feeling of well being that cigarettes provide. We also know of the risks of cancer and respiratory diseases from smoking. But these effects are from the tar in tobacco smoke i.e. from burning the cigarette. Not from the nicotine.

The native American peoples only smoked tobacco for ceremonial occasions and chewed it for a boost much as we'd drink a coffee today. When Europeans were first introduced to tobacco it was sold as a tonic to improve health and well being. The downfall of tobacco as a legitimate herbal remedy was the use of cigarettes as the delivery vehicle, and its easy availability. In native tribes there was no such thing as a chain chewer or chain smoker. You had to go out pick each leaf you wanted so that limited your use.

Many great minds of the past from Einstein to Edison, were smokers.

But since their time severe health effects from smoking have come to light. So you should never let a cigarette pass your lips! But... thanks to the number of smokers who do want to quit, nicotine can now be picked up from your supermarket shelf through patches and gums, neither of which have toxic tar in them and do not cause smokers lung.

Nicotine has positive thought provoking properties. It temporarily elevates mood and focus, and delays fatigue. Users describe a relaxed alertness. Nicotine ramps concentration and boosts memory.

But persistent scheduled use of nicotine still has a risk of causing cravings for it. So nicotine patches and gums are best used for short bursts e.g. on weekends to push extra study, or during an exam to stay alert. Take 48 hour breaks between uses to ensure you get the short term benefits of nicotine without developing the long term cravings.

How to Use Nicotine as a Smart Drug:

  • Use it for no more than 2 consecutive days at a time.
  • Take a 2 day break between uses.
  • Patches are useful if you need an entire day of mental alertness. Place the lowest strength available (7mg) on in the morning and remove before bed time.
  • Gums or lozenges are useful for short bursts of mental stamina for several hours. Chew 2-4mg every 2 to 4 hours until study is complete, spit out and stop.
  • In females do not use if you could be pregnant.

Nicotine Side Effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Heart racing
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Upset stomach or nausea

As a precaution Nicotine should not be used under 19 years of age.

If the side effects are noted, use less (e.g. cut patch in half), or less often, or stop all together and substitute a different smart drug.

Remember that with nicotine more is not better. Nicotine has a unique action in that low doses are stimulating while higher doses are sedating.

Don't mix nicotine with other smart drugs. Results can be unpredictable.

Don't use nicotine if you're on prescription medication, under 19 years of age, are currently ill or pregnant without talking with your doctor.


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Article Last Updated: August 31 2014
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